My Journey

I discovered photography in Africa 17 years ago while traveling five countries in three months with two friends.  Africa captivated me and the camera became a way for me to communicate by expressing myself and my emotions through nature.  

The camera was put away while life and career happened until January 2010 when I had the opportunity to return to South Africa and travel into Mozambique on a dive trip with a friend and then again in September 2010 when I had the opportunity to join John Paul Caponigro on a photo journey to Namibia where we focused on capturing the vast and diverse faces of the country, from the ocean to the desert to the people. I have since been able to photograph the Arctic and the Polar Bears, Antarctica, and various other places, most of which are in some way being impacted by our human footprint. 

My photography has taken me to places I would not have otherwise visited and has allowed me to meet people I would not have otherwise met. Through these experiences, my passion has evolved into using my photography to create awareness for causes and give a voice to those whose voices are not heard. To educate, advocate, inspire and inform.

I am still finding my voice in photography but my images have been commended for the raw emotion they evoke in people. I welcome you to follow along in this journey with me.  I would appreciate the opportunity to hear from you along the way.