My Journey

I discovered photography in Africa 17 years ago while traveling five countries in three months with two friends.  Africa captured me.  If my photography captures you just a fraction of how Africa has captured me, I have succeeded.  

The camera was put away while life and career happened until January 2010 when I had the opportunity to return to South Africa and travel into Mozambique on a dive trip with a friend and then again in September 2010 when I had the opportunity to join John Paul Caponigro on a photo journey to Namibia where we focused on capturing the vast and diverse faces of the country, from the ocean to the desert to the people.  It was an incredible opportunity to learn from an extremely talented group of photographers in a simply captivating place in all too little time.  I have since visited all seven continents focusing primarily on Namibia, The Arctic, and Antarctica.

I am still finding my voice in photography and welcome you to follow along in this journey with me.  I would appreciate the opportunity to hear your feedback along the way.